We were having a great conversation at dinner, full of laughs, and she suddenly changed the subject and shouted in a voice that commanded the whole restaurant’s attention: “I hate politics. My family told me that Obama is going to raise our taxes — and we’re only working-class!” Then she blurted out, “My Dad only makes about $3 million a year, before taxes!”


Aftermath: She was spoiled, rude, and uninformed, but more importantly than that, I was a full-time intern on the Obama campaign and a devoted political science major. I never called again.


One Response to “Obama”

  1. statman99 says on :

    You, sir, are the uninformed. Everything that nice girl said has come to pass. Obama is a socialist and maybe worse. Look at what he has done to this country, both economically, and socially….he has turned person against person, class against class, race against race and he delights in it!!! You, sir, are the problem, not her!!