“More weight”

best of sex

Everything was going fine until she gained about 25-lbs. I was willing to go with it, until she started complaining about how said weight made her look fat. Near the end, she was literally crushing my goods when she was on top. I should have won an Oscar for those performances.


Aftermath: The relationship lasted for another 5 lbs, then I was in actual fear that I would lose my ability to procreate through the constant abuse.


11 Responses to “More weight”

  1. FastFingers says on :

    Superficial jackass. YOU are the pig in that relationship. I can’t wait until the next woman you date dumps YOU because of your physical appearance. Beer gut? Check. Bald spot? Check. LOSER? Check.

    Picture it: “I knew it was over when his beer gut was covered with all the hair falling out of his head!”

    FYI – we all get older and less attractive. Wrinkles, moles, etc. If you can’t get past appearances now, you’re in for a VERY lonely life.

  2. Cameronaut says on :

    Sounds like you did the right thing buddy…a woman that stops caring about herself means she doesnt care about the relationship enough to try anymore…shes given up so why shouldnt you…fat isnt attractive..sure we cant help getting old and wrinkly but fat is one thing we can control…dont listen to morons like FastFingers who is probably just made because someone left them because they are fat….i say good job bro

  3. bobo says on :

    She calls herself Fastfingers for a reason.

  4. eckiddo says on :

    actually, most girls gain weight in relationships because they feel comfortable enough to not have to worry every second about attracting other guys. you know, they don’t feel the need to look like a supermodel because they’re actually happy with what they’ve got.

    good job being a total prick about it though.

  5. stax says on :

    Isn’t keeping yourself attractive to your mate part of the deal? And, well, healthy? Insuring that you’ll both be around for the long haul?

  6. Anwen says on :

    Fastfingers and Eckiddo are correct in this matter. Women in comfortable relationships let down their guard, just like guys do.

    I’m sure the entire time you were primping yourself to the 9’s. Cologne, shaving, trimming? I highly doubt it. If you’re that superficial, you’ll be sorely disappointed down the line when your looks start to fade and you can’t get the “hot” girls anymore. I look forward to that day.

  7. TCS says on :

    fat ISNT sexy ladies, unless you’re african-american. that’s NOT racism, it’s a statistical observation.

  8. ShortyJones says on :

    Wow. Hey man, this is funny sh*t “after another 5 pounds..”

    Ok I agree that fat is unattractive but
    You shouldn’t break up with your girlfriend because of it
    you should have told her that she needs to be responsible for her body and health and that you would help her. You would sound like a jerk at first but in the long run you would be helping.

    Ladies, you think it too. So stop being all high and mighty

    gaining 30 pounds puts you into the obese category most of the time and your at serious risk for a list of serious problems.

  9. DarlingClementine says on :

    Wow, what an idiot she was for thinking you loved her for who she was and not how thin her waist was. You know, probably how she felt about you. Good thing you got rid of that loser!

  10. Ryder13 says on :

    I personally try to keep fit and dress decent when i go out i keep shaved and groomed. My wife Always dresses as if she is going somewhere important. I love her for who she is but she knew gaining to much weight is a deal breaker. After one kid and 3 years she is 20 lbs heavy then when we met. that is not a lot of weight but she is trying to lose it. We all have those kind of deal breakers and if someone doesn’t care enough for you to keep attractive then what is the point of being with them.

    Personality is 50% of the package the other 50% is looks.

    Remember most of the time the first thing you know about a person is there looks and that shows how well they care for themselves.

  11. smith81 says on :

    Looks are part of what attracts you to a person, and not what keep you around. Unless, of course, your shallow and only view the opposite sex has just an object to be used like you would a car. Skinny does not automatically make you pretty, and having some weight does not automatically make you ugly. As a person goes though life their body changes for many reasons such as kids, health, and stress. If you really love a person these changes should not matter so much. If you are basing your partners on their looks and not the content of their character, you will be left all alone when unforeseen tragedy strikes and you could really use that person to help you make it through.

    TCS I would like to see the empirical research study that you derived your racist statistics from.