“Skimpy package”


In all my dating experience, he was by far the sexiest man I had been with. There was a catch: Sexy as he was, this man was not—ahem—very well-endowed. Painfully not so. At first, I shrugged it off and made excuses like “Well, he is sooo hot” and “He makes me laugh and he is great to be around.” Until a month into the relationship, I wasn’t able to really “feel” him during sex. I knew then, no matter how sexy the man, I simply can’t skimp on the package for the long-term.


Aftermath: I skipped on his skimpy package.


2 Responses to “Skimpy package”

  1. rayray says on :

    Size queen

  2. Sam says on :

    Small dick?

    seems like you’re making a rather quick judgment on the man’s size. looks like he was very small if she couldn’t feel him.