We were having dinner at a restaurant the night my sister was flying in for an internship. He asked me what airline she was flying, and I replied, AA. He joked, “Well it’s probably going to fly into a building then.” I stared at him and bursted out into tears because I hadn’t heard back from her yet, and even the thought of that happening scared the shit out of me.


Aftermath: He apologized for upsetting me, but not for the joke. He said I need to get a sense of humor.

This post was submitted by Jane.


4 Responses to “Airplanes”

  1. EssCee says on :

    Poor Jane- you ignorant slut. He was right, you do need a sense of humor.

  2. rayray says on :

    Get over yourself Jane…it was a JOKE!

  3. honeyrrsted says on :

    The plane will fly into a building because your sister is on it.

    No part of that is even remotely humorous. Passing rude or inappropriate comments off as jokes doesn’t make them any less rude or inappropriate.

  4. Thermal says on :

    i found the joke funny