“Dinner Party Drinking Disaster”


I knew it was over when he showed up at a dinner party I was invited to WITHOUT me and got so drunk that my friends called me to complain. 2 months later, I came back to school from a bad weekend home, and he dumped me after 5 minutes. His friends (who helped hook us up) talked him into it (while drinking), saying we were “too serious”. They were all engaged to be married


Aftermath: Some months later, I was leaving the dorm to go out (dressed just a shade punk), and ended up holding the door open for a couple in Armani suits. His parents asked who I was. He claimed to not know.


2 Responses to “Dinner Party Drinking Disaster”

  1. Yobwoc says on :

    I trust you dumped all those so called friends along with the pisshead?
    I hope you find someone who will blow you away with their love and affection for you.

  2. rayray says on :

    What the fuck is your name? THAT’S why he dumped your sorry ass!