“Hello. Goodbye.”

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I knew it was over when he told me he didn’t really like The Beatles. In fact, he thought they were the most overrated band in history. I could tolerate his inabilities in the bedroom, but this was too much.


Aftermath: We broke up about a week or so later. And I found a guy who liked The Beatles AND wasn’t bad in bed. Double upgrade.

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One Response to “Hello. Goodbye.”

  1. Yobwoc says on :

    Wow! you sound so shallow and bitchy. Why post comments like this unless you are in a bad place [within yourself]. Grow up. The beatles were OK but wern’t that great – they had a good PR and advertising person. I do not take their fame and fortune and talent away from them but there are many many talented singers and bands out there and not everyone has the same taste in music. Why didn’t you tell him or show him what you like in the bedroom? Your fault as much as his. Double upgrade – sounds like to me that he had a lucky escape from you.