“Seperated but clingy”

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The first time I decided to go all the way with him, he had a hard time raising the flag. After a disappointing performance (he thought he did a great job), he didn’t want me to leave and wrapped his legs and arms around me. I tried waiting until he went to sleep, but he woke up when I tried to sneak out, and I had to tell him I was going to the bathroom before he’d let me go.

—Swinging Single

Aftermath: I told him that I was so wracked with guilt about sleeping with a married man, even though they were separated, but that I hoped we could still be friends.

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One Response to “Seperated but clingy”

  1. Yobwoc says on :

    I can understand your reaction and you are probably better off without him… But I also feel for the guy and his insecurities.
    Congratulations on letting him down softly.
    Big hug – and a let go :-)