““Free oil change””

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Lots of sex. The sex tapered off (not my choice) and the computer porn came. Some nudie pics looked homemade. I looked for them on his phone and found not only those pics, but videos of the girl in a setting that appeared to be his job. He said he had meant to delete them but had forgotten. Hard to believe since they were labled “free oil change”.


Aftermath: It took me 2 and a half years to get rid of his lying, cheating, stealing, abusive ass. He went to prison. I am now in love and engaged to an amazing man. The child I had with “assdad” has no idea who he is, and the $2 he sends for her every month reminds me how lucky I am to have gotten out of that alive.

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  1. Yobwoc says on :

    Nice to hear you have moved on and life is great. The child has a right to know who its father is and the choice is not yours to make to stop this. You made a child together and from the childs point of view your present relationship with its dad is not the childs fault or problem. How do you tell the child later on in life? the longer you take the harder it will get and the more mixed up your child may be.
    After havinf said this I can understand why you want nothing to do with the father – your ex.