“Poster Child”


I saw his bedroom for the first time – the walls were COVERED in music posters, “cool” clippings from magazines, old concert tickets, and random show flyers. Did I mention he was 28?

— Rae

Aftermath: We actually dated off and on for about a year before I finally broke it off for good. I always felt like I was 13 in that bedroom – and not in a good way.

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One Response to “Poster Child”

  1. broadwaybaby561 says on :

    My boyfriend is almost 25. He has a lot of dumb stuff on his bedroom walls–Tim Burton movie posters, knick-knacks from when he was a kid, even stuff from Chuck-E-Cheese. But then again, he’s a silly guy, and he’s also a hard-working, dependable adult, so that more than makes up for it. Just a difference in taste, I guess.